Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Best Posts of 2015

Pointless Venture puts out so much great content, you can't be expected to consume it all. That's why I'm composing a 2015 best-of list, so that you can have a little bit of mirth to brighten your day. These are my favorite posts of the year. I hope you enjoyed them.

Back in January, the Goon wonder if his life was a composite of Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes.

In February, he wondered if the Duggers would inherit the earth.

March brought a 400 lbs squat, as well as the sugar plum dance of the gainz fairy.

April was full of rainy showers, and brought us three great posts. John Kruc shared his tips on becoming an eating champion, you were welcomed to fart city, and we wondered whether Batman's superpower is male white privilege.

 May rated the WWE's roster by their stench, and wondered whether Game of Thrones is terrible.

June gave us a dead-on summary of True Detective's disappointing second season.

July let us know how Dean Ambrose does things Natty style, and gave us selected farmers' only profiles.

August brought us the first episode of the Pointless Podcast, the internet's most pointless podcast, as well as some inspirational quotes from Mitch R. Singer.

The Goon thought about butts a lot in September.

Curt Schilling wanted everybody to know that he's an asshole in October, and you were treated to the Pointless Podcast Episode Three Parts One and Two.

November had Bulksgiving, my favorite holiday.

December showed everyone how to get real heel heat.

Thanks to all of my loyal readers, all twenty of you. May you have a merry Christmas.

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