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Weightlifting: Ditillo Bench Program

He wasn't the sveltest man.
I found an old Anthony Ditillo bench press program that I'd used a couple years ago and then forgot about, which was a mistake, because I remember putting at least ten pounds on my bench when I ran it. It's a three times a week program with a lot of volume and a lot of heavy weights. You could certainly use it for your deadlift or squat, although I think I might try it out on my military press next. This jist of the program is as follows:

Monday: 90% of 1 rep max for five singles. Subtract ten percent and do three triples with that weight. Then subtract another ten percent and do three sets of five to seven reps. For example: Using a 1 rep max of 290 lbs, do 260 for five singles, then press 235 for three triples, and then finally perform three sets of five to seven reps with 210 lbs. Add ten pounds to the first two percentages and five pounds to the last percentage next week. For weeks two and three, you'll do the same weight progression, b…

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