Monday, January 9, 2017

Weightlifting: Strategies for Achieving a 600 lbs Deadlift and a 225 lbs Overhead Press

Here's a photo of Arnold breaking his back.

My two weightlifting resolutions are to pull 600 lbs and strict press 225 lbs. To add some context, my best deadlift and press as of Christmas day are 490 lbs and 190 lbs respectively. That's an addition of 110 lbs to my deadlift and 35 lbs to my press! Anyone experienced in weightlifting will tell you that improvements of that magnitude are not realistic for anyone but a rank beginner. Well who gives a shit about what's realistic! Donald fucking Trump is President and the Chicago Cubs are the reining World Series champions, so I believe anything is possible in this strange parallel universe. As a big FU to those parties, both of which are intent on destroying the world, 2017 is the year I get serious. There is a method to my madness, which I'll attempt to explain below.

Deadlift strategy: gradually accumulate volume resulting in a 10 lbs increase in four weeks time. That's the main outline, how exactly I will implement that strategy depends on day to day factors, like how I feel, how much coffee I've drank, or whether or not I've consumed ten lbs of raw meat or choked a chocobo, etc, etc. I'm going to pull 3 or 4 times a week using the following lifts: the power clean, sumo deadlift, conventional deadlift, rack pulls, one arm cleans, and snatch grip deadlift. Rep range will stay around 5 reps or lower in most cases. There will be at least one conventional deadlift day in which I will either try to pull a new 3 or 5 rep max or perform 30 reps with greater than 320 lbs. The focus on variation will keep things from getting stale while also contributing to my eventual victory. Having not focused on the deadlift much during my four year weightlifting career, I know there is a lot of room for growth, especially considering that I am built for the deadlift, having long arms that nearly hang down to my knees. Squatting will not be neglected, despite the focus on the deadlift. I'll try to squat 2 to 3 times a week, concentrating on form and leg growth rather than achieving a new 1 rep max.

Here's some random woman deadlifting 515 lbs.
Strict Press strategy: Frequency and frequent 1 rep maxing. The strict press loves volume. I'm currently pressing 4 times a week, switching between the strict press, dumbbell press, behind the neck push press, and the clean and press. Usually I'll work on doing a lot of pyramiding sets of 5. Because the load is relatively light, you can max on the strict press very often. Form is really important, because moving big weights depends a lot on your back bend and your hip drive. Right now, I do a single with 175 every strict press workout. My goal is to gradually increase that weekly max.

Bill Starr pressing over 300 lbs.

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