Saturday, January 21, 2017

Weightlifting: Current Routine

I googled "600 lbs" and most of the results were photos of the morbidly obese.

I thought I'd share what I've been doing lately in the weight room in furtherance of my stated deadlift and military press goals. This is the down season for my job, so I have enough time and energy to lift heavy every day. Behold:

Sunday: Heavy military press. 115*5 135*5 145*5 155*3 165 175 180. Trying to hit 180 lbs every strict press workout. Will work on raising this max. Barbell rows: 135*3 185*3 205*3 225*3 245*3 255*3. My version of barbell rows focuses on explosively pulling the weight from the floor. I'm not trying to isolate the lats, but rather attempting to aid my deadlift starting strength. Press starts: 185 195 205. Similar to isometrics, I'll take a weight near or greater than my max from the rack and practice pushing against it. The start is the hardest part of the strict press, so my theory is that practicing unracking very heavy weights might aid in increasing my press.

Monday: Low bar squat: 135*5 225*5 275*5 295*5 310*5. I've just started squatting again after recovering from hip pain in my left side. Low bar squats do not seem to irritate my hip like high bar squats. I haven't squatted low bar in over a year so I'm taking it easy with the weights until I'm comfortable with my form. Dumbbell press: 55 for 3*10. Dumbbell presses are a great light pressing exercise because you can't cheat with your back like you can using a barbell.

Tuesday: Clean and press: 135*5 145*5 155*5 165*3 175 180. Cleaning the weight instead of taking it off the rack is a welcomed variation. I find that I can almost press the same weights as off the rack this way. Barbell curls: 3*12. Pressdowns 3*20. Some light arm work is good for keeping the joints healthy and building teh gunz.

Wednesday: Deadlift: 135*5 225*3 315*2 405*2 425*2 435*2 445*3 455*2. A beast of a workout, though I wasn't particularly sore afterwards. I think my real max on the deadlift is likely higher than 500, but I'm proceeding as planned.

Thursday: Front and back push presses: 135*3 145*3 155*3. A front push press immediately followed by a behind the neck push press, this method allows you to keep constant tension on the shoulders and arms. A press from the front and then the back is one rep. Dumbbell curls 3*10. Pushdowns 3*12. For gun work. Later during the day, I did Klokov presses (strict behind the neck pressing using a wide grip): 95*5 115*5 135*5

Friday: Reverse grip bench press: 135*3*5, 185*3, 185*2*2. A fool hearty attempt to bench press, using the unorthodox style. Unfortunately, my shoulder started hurting afterwards, even after using light weights.

Saturday: Low bar squats: 135*5 225*5 275*3 315*2 345. Squat felt good, the numbers will rise considerably in a short time. Rack pulls a little bit below the knees: 315 405 475 495 520. Practice handling heavy weights without really taxing yourself, rack pulls are invaluable for deadlift assistance. Just don't over use them because they have no carry-over to the floor.

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