Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What is Situational Comedy?

Situational comedy is a bunch of white people sitting around doing white people things, like going to the same bar for years.

Situational comedy usually features a sex addict and/or possible serial rapist as a comic relief character.

Situational comedy yearns for syndication. This is how situational comedy lives forever.

The protagonists of situational comedy will usually date over one-hundred people during the life of a sit-com. They will discard these people like used diapers. They will be obsessed with finding THE ONE. There can only be one. This is the way of the Highlander.

Situational comedy features a kept audience that laughs at minutia. Without the laugh track, nothing would ever happen in a situational comedy. It is the heart that keeps the funnies beating.

No one ever experiences any true financial difficulties in situational comedy. The protagonists live in million dollar apartments in New York City, yet somehow pay their rent by working in coffee shops. Reality is distorted in situational comedy. It is situational.

Situational comedy used to be beloved by millions, yet we have abandoned situational comedy for HBO and internet porn. Situational comedy has had to flee to TBS of all places. Poor situational comedy.

The greatest situational comedy of all time is unanimously considered to be Reba.

Situational comedy is what we will have when all the laughs die. Situational comedy will dig our graves for us. It will be hilarious.

If an actor successfully transitions from situational comedy to the big screen, let me know. Such things do not happen often.

I have an idea for a situational comedy starring a dog. He will do funny dog things, like pooping in the house and eating his owner's shoes. He might talk as well. I'm thinking my hypothetical show could pass as either horror or situational comedy. I'm not sure if I discern the difference.

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