Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Doom 3 Retrospective in List Format


1. First thought: The graphics aren't as good as I remember. The textures are ugly and the game's dark as hell. I remember when Rage came out, I thought it didn't look much better than Doom 3. I was mistaken. Still, this game is ten years old. The lighting system is good; the monster animations are decent, and the overall art direction is excellent. Graphics have gotten better, but not that much. The jump from Quake 3 to Doom 3 was a hell of a lot larger than the jump from Doom 3 to Crysis.

2. The weapons are lame. Who nerfed the shotgun? In Doom, the shotgun was unstoppable. Here, it takes 3 or 4 shots to kill lesser enemies like imps and soldier zombies unless you're right next to them. There's not enough ammo for the good weapons. Also, the immediate disappearance of bodies really takes away from the satisfaction of killing enemies. I think this was done because of the limitations of the engine (computers at the time could barely handle the game).

3. Monster sound design is pretty good, but the weapons sound like pea-shooters, especially the assault rifle. The shotgun sucks, too.

4. This whole game is a goddamn labyrinth of corridors. I guess that's a throwback to the original Doom. But Doom opened up occasionally and gave you some room to blow away monsters. This never happens because, once again, the engine was too demanding. Hell was cool, I think, though I gave up on my replay before getting there.

5. This whole game is just monotonous. There's not a lot of break in mindlessly shooting enemies, which wouldn't be a problem if the shooting was any fun. Kinda weird that these guys designed Quake 3, the penultimate arena shooter, and one of the funnest multiplayer games of all time (FACT). The audio logs are an interesting touch (stolen from System Shock 2), but there's never anything interesting in them but codes to weapons lockers.

6. The flashlight switching mechanic isn't as bad as I remember. I understand why they did it from a gameplay prospective. It does provide some tension.

7. First-person-shooters need gore. They need blood. They need bodies flying across the room. GIVE ME MY GODDAMN MURDER SIMULATOR! I hope whoever is making Doom 4 keeps this in mind.

8. Who put that damn crane section in? You have to pick up toxic barrels with a cumbersome crane and put them in a disposal pit. I guess it shows off the state-of-the-art physics. The criticism that ID games are just glorified tech demos has some truth to it.

9. I started the game on hard, which is too frustrating, and I can't change the difficulty level. Poo.

10. Did you know that Trent Reznor was originally going to do the sound design? I guess they didn't give him enough money. Head like a hole, black as your soul. That's poetry, man. Replay Quake and tell me Doom 3 wouldn't have been a better game.

11. Is Half-Life 2 this bad? I might have to change my whole perspective on shit.

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