Thursday, February 2, 2017

Weightlifting: Emphasizing the "Dead" in Deadlift

Lamar Gant, who deadlifted 661 lbs at 132 lbs, with scoliosis.

At the start of my deadlifting cycle, I have a day where I try to cram as much volume in as possible. The first time I did this, I took 315 lbs, did a set of ten, rested, then did four sets of five with the same weight. Yesterday, I took 335 and did the same thing, only I completed all thirty reps just under eight minutes. By the end of the workout, I was panting and feeling like I'd just run 800 meters as hard as I could. The point of this workout is to condition your body with a shock-blast of volume, which will bust you out of a rut and put slabs of meat on your ass, back, and legs. Every month, add ten pounds. My first set, which is a set of ten, I use conventional form and a hook grip. After that, I switch it up, switching between conventional and sumo using a mixed grip. I don't recommend straps because I think they make you a pussy. Below is the workout laid out so it's easier to understand.

Deadlift 335 for ten reps. Rest thirty seconds.

Deadlift 335 for five reps. Rest thirty seconds.

Sumo deadlift 335 for five reps. Try to rest only thirty seconds.

Deadlift 335 for five reps. Rest just about a minute.
Deadlift 335 for five reps, sumo style. Slump onto the floor like a dead man.
Do this only once a month. You could try it with the squat and it would probably be equally as brutal. 

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