Tuesday, March 15, 2016

It's the Children Who Are Wrong

Well I turned on my television to Fox News and they said on the Tweeter that that communist Bernie Sanders had threatened Trump. "Goddamn kids," I said to myself. Those lazy millennials will vote for anybody that'll guarantee 'em a free ride where they don't have to work and can sit at home with their parents while they hammer their knuckles on their smart phones. Worst generation I've ever seen. They are afraid to fail; they are afraid to go out there and grab the brass ring. I might be three-hundred pounds now, and entirely dependent on government programs, but back in my day, we worked hard for a living, we didn't go crying about minimum wage and health insurance. For fifty years, I worked nothing less than three jobs 365 days a year. These kids today go to college and then they don't want to work when they come out, because all they teach you in college is how to be a communist. My brother's son put himself through community college while working at McDonalds, so you can too, you little millennial shit. Don't ask me about how much debt he has. I don't fucking know.

So we finally get a presidential candidate who makes some sense and of course the liberal media and all the goddamn idiot kids attack him. I've been telling everyone that we needed to do something about the Mexicans for years. I can't walk outside my house in Dallas without seeing one of them Mexicans working. They're shifty, you know that? I have to go back inside and lock my house for fear of them sneaking in and stealing something. They are here illegally, they take American jobs, and they deal drugs and steal shit. We need to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, just like Trump says. But the kids are always shouting about diversity and racism. You know what's racist? Making a 300 lbs 65-year-old man stay in his house clutching his gun for fear of the Mexicans breaking in and stealing my porcelain John Wayne statue. It ain't racist if it's true.

All them goddamn protesters should be rounded up and thrown in camps. They just come to start shit and mess with god-fearing Americans. Of course a lot of them are black. I ain't racist but I'm gonna tell it like it is. They don't want to make America great again. They want to be gangbangers and play rap music and collect food stamps. You know it. I know it. And Trump knows it. Now I know that a lot of what he says is bull. But he's saying the things that need to be said, and I for one ain't going to sit here and watch as all the young people ruin this country.

You know how America was when I was a kid? It was a great country. You didn't have to listen to women when they talked. You could walk down the street without fear of blacks or Mexicans. People worked for a living, they took what was given to them and they did something with it. Nobody complained about anything. People believed in Jesus. Nobody said anything about global warming because the liberals hadn't made it up yet. Trump says he can take us back. I believe him. It's just the goddamn kids that don't.  

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