Friday, July 22, 2016

Democracy is just a Joke

Well hello to all of you lazy 99 percenters. I hope you took some time from doing drugs and eating yourselves into oblivion to watch the Republican National Convention. It was great television, let me tell you. An unrepentant chorus of billionaires marched to the stage and told everyone how they would make America great again by cracking down on immigration and murdering all the terrorists. Those are the real issues of importance, correct? To hear Trump tell it, you'd think we were in John Carpenter's Escape from New York. His words painted a bleak picture of violence and rampant criminal activity. Yet violent crime has decreased dramatically for the last 17 years. But politics isn't about facts. Fact get in the way of politics. You see, you peons, you loyal supporters of the Republican Party, are too stupid to understand that you are being played. The plutocracy that runs this country thinks very little of you. I hold you all in extreme contempt. All we have to do is spout Goebbel's level propaganda and you starting believing that wasteful government spending and the collapse of Christian values are the reasons for America's decline. We even throw in a line about trickle-down economics for old time's sake. While you are lapping up our shitty propaganda, we conspire to decrease your wages and further weaken the vanishing middle class. To tell the truth, I believe in feudalism. Now that was a good system of government. The cream rose to the top, and all the shit sank to the bottom. Didn't have a lot of useless government oversight back in medieval days, did we?

Trump couldn't get any of the so-called stars of the GOP to speak in support of him. No, he had to turn to men like Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal and a proud gay man who loves his power and money so much that he'll speak in support for a party that has done nothing but discriminate against LGBT people. Hell, Indiana governor and Trump VP pick Mike Pence passed the Religious Freedom Act, which makes it legal in Indiana to discriminate against people who are gay if it offends their religious beliefs. Peter Thiel thinks that letting women vote was bad for democracy. Hell, Peter Thiel doesn't really believe in democracy, saying that it is conflict with freedom. By the way, Mr. Thiel is also on a quest to become immortal. Sounds kind of like a Bond villain, right? I tell you what, Peter Thiel has accomplished more in one day than you ever will in your entire life. He's a winner. Trump is all about winners. Life is about winners.

This year's GOP convention was about how much of a joke democracy is. Sure, the people's candidate won. He won by appealing to fear and the authoritarian tendencies of scared white people. Over 13 million people voted for Trump, out of a country of 300 million. Over 13 million people voted to help build a wall to keep out Mexican immigrants. Over 13 million people voted for a candidate who wants to murder the innocent families of terrorists. Over 13 million people voted for a candidate who thinks that someone's ethnicity should prevent them from being a federal judge. Over 13 million people voted for Donald Trump, who believes we should ban an entire religious group from entering our country. Over 13 million people in this country are complete fucking idiots. And hey, the Republican Party is counting on their vote.    

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