Friday, January 29, 2016

The Road to Wrestlemania

The road to Wrestlemania, the biggest event in all of sports entertainment, has been paved in blood. Numerous superstars, including John Cena and Seth Rollins, have been sidelined by injuries. This could have been a chance for the WWE to finally make some new superstars, but alas, 50/50 booking has persevered, and an out of touch Vince McMahon has been micromanaging as much as ever. Let's take a look at what matches we could have, and figure out whether or not they'll be worth watching.

Main Event: Triple H versus either Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, or Brock Lesnar. Roman's push has been disastrous, at least in terms of having the fans embrace him. He's got the look and decent ring skills, but as a face, he's a charisma vacuum. Still, Vince wants to mint John Cena 2.0, and he's dead set on pushing Roman to the top at the expense of everyone, including Roman. Fan favorite Dean Ambrose should probably face Triple H; that would put asses in the seats. Even Brock is a better choice than Roman. But at this point, I expect Roman will be the one to reclaim the Heavyweight Championship. He and H will put on a good match, but I can't imagine it ending in anything but boos.

Undertaker match: Taker versus who? Because of 50/50 booking, and the injury to Cena, there's really no credible opponent for Taker to face. Rumor is that Vince wants him to wrestle Braun Strowman, but that's a terrible idea. Strowman is one of the lesser talents on the roster, and I can't remember him ever fighting a singles match. Jericho or newcomer AJ Styles would be much better choices, or perhaps Kevin Owens. If either Owens or Styles faces Taker, they should go over--with the streak broken, there's no reason to put a fifty-year-old Taker over prospective stars like those two. But you never know with Vince calling the shots.

Brock versus Wyatts. This one has been rumored. The Wyatts haven't been booked as strongly as they should have, and I can't see anybody going over Brock, unfortunately. 

U.S Championship: Kalisto verses who? The E seems to want Kalisto to be the next Rey Mysterio, which he could be with the right booking. I'd love to see him battle Neville, though it's unlikely, with both of them being faces. Alberto Del Rio seems like a likely opponent, but he's pretty stale at this point, with the League of Nations being basically a league of jobbers. Once again, poor booking has given us no strong heels.

Intercontinental Championship: Not sure if there will be a match for this, but if Dean takes the pin like I expect him to at Fast Lane, he'll have to defend his championship against some challenger. Owens could be a likely choice, given that he works well with Ambrose, but a new opponent would be nice.

Tag Team: New Day versus The Usos, in all likelihood. We've seen it too many times! Give us something else for the New Day! Hell, let Big E challenge for one of the midcard championships while his stable continues to hold the tag belt.

Celebrity match: Maybe Neville and the Green Arrow versus Stardust again. Another rumor that's pretty boring.

Women's Match: Sasha versus Charlotte. I think this is what we're leading up to, a heel versus heel battle with Becky waiting for her triumphant victory. This will be a good one, and probably one of the best of the show.

What I'd like to see: NXT call ups. With all the injuries, let's call up some NXT guys. Would love to see Finn Balor defeat the Undertaker and become the new supernatural heel/face. Don't think Baron Corbin is quite ready, but he definitely will be a great new heel. Bailey would probably go over best at a smark event like Wrestlemania. Unfortunately, I am not Vince McMahon.

Vince hasn't been playing a character for years.

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