Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Weightlifting: A Simple Squat Program

I had to post this ridiculous picture because it was one of the first results of a google image search. I sure hope this large-chested lady is able to get out of the hole with 60 lbs.

I'd like to share a very simple squat program that I've been using. I recently hit a fifteen pound PR with my low bar squat (old max=340 for 5 reps; new max=355 for 5 reps) utilizing this program for a little over a month. It doesn't have a lot of volume, but we're assuming that you're deadlifting for a decent amount of volume, as well as adding occasional lower body assistance exercises (power cleans, hip swings, leg curls, single leg squats) as needed. Without further ado:

Assuming a 415 one rep max

Day One: Five sets of five

135*5 (roughly 30 percent of one rep max)
225*5 (roughly 50 percent)
275*5 (around 65 percent)
295*5 (about 70 percent)
Add belt
315*5 (75 percent)

Day Two:

Add belt
355 (85 percent)
Take 30 to 40 lbs off and perform a back off set if you feel like it.

For the first day, add 10 lbs every week to the last set only. Do the same for the last set of day two. The warm up sets stay the same. Continue to add weight until you hit a ten lbs PR for five reps. Then start the cycle over again, but do doubles for day two instead of singles.

When to start a cycle over? You'll know. If the weights have been grinders for two weeks, and you feel like you're not going to be able to add weight, then it's time for a deload. For the above example, start your next cycle with 325 lbs instead of 315. Your aim is to always be increasing the weights with which you start a cycle.

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