Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weightlifting Update

This is how I feel today.

Well, I suppose it's best to catch a problem early on. I'd gotten up to three sets of five with 270 lbs in the low-bar back squat, when I realized that my knees were going in on the decent and the ascension. Why is this a problem? When your knees don't stay out, you use less muscle and make your squat weaker. You also put yourself in danger, as this video of Ed Coan, the greatest powerlifter of all time, makes quite clear. 

So I kept taking weight off, trying to find a poundage that wouldn't make my knees buckle, until I basically said "screw it" and deloaded all the way back to 135 lbs, which I was able to do three sets of five with. At least my form was perfect; I reverted to the high bar squat because the low bar was giving me a hell of a pain in the left shoulder. I think my squat stand is too low for low bar, which is unfortunate, because you can squat more with low bar form. In conclusion, months of progress vanished today. 

My overhead press has been stuck at 140 for five reps for some time, so I add two extra sets with a little bit of knee bend to see if I can jump start progress. Deloaded the deadlift to 305 for one set of five because I was taking too long to perform reps with 325. On a positive note, I managed to do three sets of six with 215 in the bench press, which was a personal record. My one-rep max is probably over 250 now, so that's progress. I also deadlifted 350 for a single last week, so all is not lost. 

But the squat has been the bane of my existence. When I started lifting back in August, I could only do partials because I had to use a decline bench station. When I got my rack two months ago, I played with low bar form and it seemed like I was making progress, only to discover today that my form sucked. At least I know I'll be able to add weight quickly after having deloaded so much. Set backs happen. 

In other news, I think I'll have Black Box edited by the end of the month. Afterwards, the long and tedious process of writing and submitting query letters to agents will begin. If I'm unable to have the work published, I'm going to put it online through Amazon for a low price. 

I'm not sure what's happening with Theme Park Mistress. We haven't practiced since our disastrous February gig, and upcoming shows on the 9th, 10th, and 11th may have fell through. 

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