Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Query Draft

How's this sound? Does it make you want to read Black Box?

How can you convince God not to end the world when you're an agnostic alcoholic beset by a mischievous imp who bears a resemblance to a malevolent Texas Congressman?

Good question.

Louis Arlington is Vice-President of the world's most successful video game company, Huerto, nestled in a dilapidated rural Indiana town. When he is charged by the Divine to stop the apocalypse, he uncovers a government plot to utilize Huerto's best-selling product, The Game, to brainwash much of the gaming populace. Together with a humorous cast of characters, including a talking sasquatch and a love-crazed doomsday prepper, Louie must try to complete his quest while dealing with insomnia, unceasing hallucinations, and his lust for unavailable women. The ensuing tale is a meditation on modern life, the nature of God, and the role of entertainment in our lives. 

Email me if interested in Black Box.  

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